An Erasmus+ Project

Positive Academy

This project aims to increase the resilience competencies of mental health professionals (MHPs) in Europe, through non-formal distance learning training , to boost their psychological resilience against work adversities and enhance thus the quality of mental – health care provision. It also frames the VETs, to help them take care of the MHPs in the best possible way.

Contributing to innovation in vocational education and training

Increasing the flexibility of opportunities in vocational education and training

Creating new, innovative or joint curricula or courses

The main methodology of the project is to promote training, teaching, and lifelong learning of the MHPs.

The priority is to reinforce the resilience of MHPs through the provision of innovative digital educational tools including knowledge, skills, and resources from the scope of Positive Psychology and its applications in Positive Education combination of practical, theoretical, and digital learning methodologies for the empowerment of the professionals and the enhancement of key-skills.


Project Priorities

Work-related stress is one of the biggest challenges Europe is facing. It has particularly impact  MHPs as they have to deal with more clinical cases, severe relapses and more serious psychological symptoms, when at the same time they have to deal with the impact of covid situation in themselves, in their families and loved ones. In the face of these adversities, psychological resilience seems to be the only way for MHPs to ensure their wellbeing, personal growth and their capacity to stay connected and helpful for the people they cure. So, there is a  need to support them and train them properly to face the adversity of their jobs and everyday lives becomes comparative. The POSITIVE ACADEMY aims is to apply the principles of Positive Psychology, Counselling, and Adult Education in the development of innovative and interactive digital educational tools, to enhance MHPs’ digital skills through online experiential training, to support MHPs to become more resilient in the face of work-related stressors, have more positive experiences at work, and reduce burnout,  to promote the new education era of online training ensuring the Vocational Education and Training continuation of MHPs,  to educate VET trainers of the health sector on digital competences and on practices enhancing wellbeing and finally to create a Network of MHPs for expanding the EU impact of the project.

Project Results

Baseline Report and Digital Storytelling Clips
E-kit material for the development of MHPs’ resilience skills
E-POSITIVE ACADEMY for MHPs: a digital platform including a Serious Game for Moodle and an E-Kit
European Mental Healthcare Community (Five EU Info Days)



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