Elliniki Etaireia Thetikis Psichologias

Athens, Greece
The Hellenic Association of Positive Psychology (HAPPSY) is a leading Greek non- profit scientific organization established in 2010 with the aim to promote research, education, and practice of Positive Psychology. Its origins date back in 1998 when Dr. Anastassios Stalikas, then Professor at Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences in Athens, created the positive emotions research group. HAPPSY has the mission to incorporate Positive Psychology principles and techniques into on-going research for the promotion and understanding of human growth and well-being. On a yearly basis, HAPPSY runs the “Diploma in Positive Psychology” as well as the “Diploma in Positive Integrative Coaching”, while it also organizes ad hoc training workshops intended to researchers, health professionals, employees in public and private organizations, teachers, parents, and the lay public to advance knowledge and raise public awareness on positive psychology. HAPPSY has also implemented many European research projects within the ERASMUS+ framework, such as HOPEs, EAGLES, SAFER, Zoom In, SUCCESS, OVERCOME, and VRAILEXIA EU programs, in collaboration with other national and European institutions. HAPPSY has a network of experienced, highly trained (PhD level) mental health scientists and professionals with extensive experience in psychological and social research, training, psychotherapy practice, and coaching. At present, HAPPSY consists of approximately one hundred members.