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Work-related stress is one of the biggest challenges Europe nowadays, which has increased during the pandemic. Approximatelly one in four European workers experiences work-related stress which conduct to impact on their mental health. In the face of these adversities, psychological resilience seems to be the only way for MHPs (Mental Health Professionals) to ensure their wellbeing, personal growth and their capacity to stay connected and helpful for the people they cure. 

Research has already demonstrated the importance of preventing the negative effects of work-related stress and preserving the resilience of MHPs. The need to support them and train them properly to face the adversity of their jobs and everyday lives becomes comparative. The aim is to reinforce the resilience of MHPs who are at high risk of burn-out, through the provision of innovative digital educational tools including knowledge, skills, and resources from the scope of Positive Psychology and its applications in Positive Education. Increasing the flexibility of opportunities in vocational education and training Based on the Digital Education Action Plan, the project’s objectives apply to the utilization of digital technologies for teaching and training purposes. The project promotes lifelong learning and continuous education in the sector of MH through an innovative approach that draws on Positive Psychology and Adult Education.

The main target groups of the POSITIVE ACADEMY are two :

First of all, the MHPs (Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists, Social Workers, Counsellors, Mental Health Nurses, Occupational/Speech Therapists), who are at high risk of burnout due to increased work-related stressors because of the pandemic and the type of their profession.

Second, the VET providers (adult trainers, educators, psychologists, counselors, social workers, coaches), who work with MHPs.

MHPs will acquire theory-informed, practical digital tools to become more resilient against pandemic-related stressors, to adapt easier to everyday challenges, and limit traumatic experiences in the work environment. In particular, the project emphasizes the importance of learning outcomes, learner responsibility and autonomy, which are At the core of the new approaches in the field of Vocational Education and Training. The VET trainers of the health sector need more tools to take care of the MHPs sot hey will also be trained on digital competences and on practices enhancing wellbeing.


  • apply the principles of Positive Psychology, Counselling, and Adult Education in the development of innovative and interactive digital educational tools,
  • enhance MHPs’ digital skills through online experiential training,
  • support MHPs to become more resilient in the face of work-related stressors, have more positive experiences at work, and reduce burnout,
  • promote the new education era of online training ensuring the Vocational Education and Training continuation of MHPs,
  • educate VET trainers of the health sector on digital competences and on practices enhancing wellbeing.
  • create a Network of MHPs for expanding the EU impact of the project. How will the project meet the needs of your partnership and those of

To sum up, the ultimate goal is to create a holistic educational methodology that will cover the training gaps of the MHPs for preventing burn-out phenomena, through the composition of a methodology based on effective approaches (such as positive interventions). Through the pan-European impact of the project the Positive Academy will be the basis for the creation of an online training academy that will involve internal and external stakeholders and organizations’ representatives all around Europe.