Neophytos ch Charalambous

Nicosia, Cyprus

The Institute of Development (IoD) was established in 2003 with a vision to contribute to the improvement of the society’s quality of life through the continuous development of the individual, the family, and the human resources of organizations. The Institute promotes resilience, career counselling, mindfulness, mental health, and a positive outlook to life, the boost of creative skills, increasing performance, and experience of happiness. It offers training, mentoring and counselling for human resources in schools, enterprises and other organizations in the public and private sector. Since 2003, more than 400 workshops for teachers and young people and about 1200 lectures to parents have been delivered in Cyprus and Europe. For its educational and training activities, it collaborates with professionals from Universities from Cyprus and other EU Countries. The main activities of the Institute include training on subjects such as cooperative learning, digital skills, youth empowerment, self‐awareness, self-esteem, values and creative thinking, life and employability skills, positive psychology applications, career guidance and educational programmes.


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