Athens, Greece

IASIS is active in the field of Social Inclusion, Mental Health, and Education. The organization is affiliated with the Ministry of Labour, the National Register of Non-Profit Private Sector and the Special Register of Voluntary Non-Governmental Organizations of the Directorate-General for Welfare (09110AEN21094O32N-0798 as well as 09110AEN21021N3210N).


IASIS has a management competency system certified by the Special Service / Sector for Healthand Social Solidarity [1483 / 18-06-13], as well as ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 27701:2019. Moreover, IASIS is certified as a VET Center (KEDIVIM1) by the National Organisation for the Certification of Qualifications & Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP) (License Code 2100625), and is also certified as an executive body for the measure of community service (Government Gazette No.'3647 / 2017). In addition, IASIS has been certified by the Youth and Lifelong Learning Foundation (INEDIVIM) for the implementation of European Voluntary Service / European Solidarity Corps programme as hosting and supporting organization(Certification Code 2020-1-EL02-ESC52-006375).


Finally, IASIS is under the supervision of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the Ministry of Education, the European Union, and the annual financial reports are sent to the Court of Auditors and posted to the Greek Transparency Program initiative. IASIS was founded in 2005. In its 17 years of experience and contribution, people have always been in the center of projects designed and implemented, with the main objectives of providing psychosocial support, combating the social exclusion of vulnerable groups, the provision of psychological and counseling services, the creation of equal opportunities and new perspectives.


The total number of beneficiaries of the organization has been estimated at more than 500,000 people since 2006.


IASIS has been providing support to anyone in need for 15 years:


  1. People with mental health problems, through the operation of two (2) Boarding Houses, tw o(2) Sheltered Apartments and one (1) Day Center, (1) Integrated Community Therapy Service.
  2. Homelessness and Poverty Action with the operation of one (1) Day Center for Homeless people with a total annual capacity of 1,000 people, and 72 sheltered apartments for homeless people in Chalkida and Attica region. In addition, through the Fabric Republic project, we provided over 20 tonnes of clothing to social vulnerable groups.
  3. Women victims of violence, by creating a support service for 200 women.
  4. Asylum Seekers with the Psychosocial Service at the Schisto Camp with a focus on women, the operation of Elaionas camp in Attica region, two Shelters with a capacity of 70 persons and 350 persons respectively under the supervision and funding of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, a Shelter for unaccompanied minors, with a capacity of 100 children – victims of war and single parent families.
  5. Professionals on the Humanitarian and Educational sector. Training of over 7,500 professionals and students in over 90 different training packages created by our research and development team.
  6. Children and Youngsters, through Epikentro Service, and seven (7) CONNECT YOUR CITY Youth Centers, (1) accommodation facility for European Volunteers (European Solidarity Corps) who are hosted and participate in NGO’s programs for six months.


Detailed information about IASIS and its actions can be found on our website www.iasismed.eu.

All activities of IASIS are designed with the aim to serve people more effectively and to empower them. As such, the organization could not remain uninvolved in promoting the active participation of the future generations via its actions, with the most important one being CONNECT YOUR CITY youth centres (CYC). This network of youth centres aims at motivating young people and enabling them to develop their personal and professional skills and to become active citizens. Over the last seven years, IASIS has been operating seven Youth Centers where young people aged 16-30 find a safe space to socialize with people from diverse backgrounds, boost their soft skills and uplift their civic participation as active European citizens. The extensive work of IASIS with young people has led to the development of five pillars which are the basic methodology of CYC:

Gamification: This pillar concerns the CYC mobile application, an innovative interactive game that employs technology and gamification to combat social exclusion, strengthen voluntarism and innovation in education. Through the app, young people complete individual and group missions with social, educational, environmental or recreational character in exchange to gifts and educational opportunities. Till today, the application counts 5.000 active users.

Sports: The organization and implementation of sports activities aimed at social development, the accessibility in sports and leisure, is another specialty of CYC.

Culture: CYC offers the space and tools so that young people can express and develop their artistic nature.

Business: Young people who pursue to begin or strengthen their professional career dynamically can take advantage of the training services offered by our professionals to acquire fine skills and connect them with stakeholders in the labor market.

Active citizenship: Young people can be actively involved in policy-making by utilizing their vision and ideas, through participating in the Local Youth Councils. They aim to increase the participation of young people in the public and their familiarity with design and implementation of policies and decisions. A major role in that has played the project Youth Round Trip for Climate Action (YouRoTrip) (KA3ID: 614827), led by IASIS, which aims at fostering youth participation in democratic life and capacity building of youth workers to support youth engagement. Through the establishment of local youth councils and networking with local politicians, young people will be empowered to participate in decision making. The project applies intensive international cooperation to draw policy recommendations on climate action both in national as well as in European level.

Last but not least, IASIS employs more than 100 professionals of different specialties. Specifically, the RnD team consists of 15 professionals with extensive knowledge in project design and management.